About Us

It’s pretty simple. We are here to bring you delicious drinks to add support and fun to your athletic endeavours. Something refreshing after a big workout or a tough day with the team.
A crisp pick me up in the middle of a great performance, or a relaxing, refreshing cold one to help ease that brutal defeat.

We come from a background of sports performance, ranging from competitive national level individual pursuits to equally intense (with possibly more cheating) Christmas family games.
Our biggest takeaways are that whatever your level of competition or participation, it all boils down to getting stuck in, giving it your all and coming out the other side with a sense of satisfaction. Smiles, tears, hugs, grazes… we are here for it all.

Naked Mole has been an idea for a while and has finally come to fruition in 2022, We (Aaron and Brent) look forward to being part of your active life and sharing our wins with the community. This means Naked Mole is dedicated to giving back to sports organisations/individuals and many other causes that support people getting out and getting

So grab your shoes, a bat, a ball…whatever… head outdoors or to the gym, do a 10km ocean swim or a walk around the block. Just give it your best and enjoy. There will be something refreshing for you at the finish.
Feel free to get in touch with either of us at